Reviews and Analysis


“Kazim Ali’s Journey of Immanence,” by R.D. Pohl, from The Buffalo News ArtsBeat

“Genre Bending,” by Lee Sharkey, from The Beloit Poetry Journal

“A Review of Kazim Ali’s Bright Felon,” by Stephen Sohn, from Asian American Literature Fans

“A Review of Kazim Ali’s Bright Felon,” by Tyrone Williams, from The Volta



“Skirting the Issue: Indirection in Ali and Bozicevic,” by Julie Swarstad, from The University of Arizona: Wordplay
An analysis of Bright Felon‘s ambiguous, meandering diction.


“Becoming Memoir,” by Lacy Johnson, from Gulf Coast
An argument for the power of language to write the self.


“Genre-Queer: The Open Self and Open Genre in the Poetry and Poetics of Walt Whitman, Lyn Hejinian and Kazim Ali,” by Gabrielle Fuentes
An attempt to locate the open self that exists in the space created by Ali’s “trans-genre” work.