Also by Kazim Ali

“Why We Need Poetry Now,” from The Millions
An argument for the ability of poetry to affirm personhood in an era of global capital.


“The Poetics of Islam,” from XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics
An exploration of the ambiguities and potentialities embedded within Islam.


“The Poetics of Twitter,” from The Kenyon Review
The poetic potential of the “brief utterance,” which structures Bright Felon.


“Faith and Silence,” from The American Poetry Review
A discussion of silence in prayer and poetry, and Kazim’s own need to speak about his sexual orientation.


“Culture of Fear: Poetry Professor Becomes Terror Suspect,” from Alternet
Kazim’s appearance leads to an encounter on a college campus which exposes the limits of tolerance.


“Write Something on My Wall: Body, Identity, and Poetry” from The American Poetry Review
Identity and the body in the age of Facebook.


“A Brief Poetics: To Layla Al-Attar,” from Critical Mass
A tribute to Layla Al-Attar.


Sohrab Sepehri translation from Omnidawn Publishing
An original translation of Sohrab Sepehri by Kazim.


Kazim Ali on Huffington Post
Kazim blogs about his experiences in the Middle East.


Nightboat Books
A small publishing house which Kazim founded and continues to edit.